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Reintroducing Myself

I'm writing to you as I hit "publish" on my brand new website and brand identity, welcoming in a new chapter for me and a fresh start for my design business leaning into a color, playful typography and an overall fun and (hopefully) engaging design layout. A much needed change!

When I entered my second year of business, I started to feel the pressure building that my website was not accurately showcasing my design abilities and true colors. I had gathered hours of competitive research, looking at design studios both small and large and noticed there was a common aesthetic leaning into minimal, sans serif typography and neutral colors. This look leant well to showcasing their services, but the more I looked at minimalist sites directed at "boss babes" and "bad ass founders" (nothing wrong with this messaging btw), the more these brands and their offerings seemed to blend together. I started to question why these competitor websites looked and sounded the same, when their offerings were promoting individuality, and helping brand's stand out from the crowd. In my opinion, this messaging wasn't aligning with their similar visual identities.

When I designed my initial website, I was eager to get started and decided to "just wing it" (number one designer's mistake ☠️). I built a minimalist website that lacked cohesion, strategy and my true personality. Throughout the past years, I made adjustments, but I still didn't get a clear picture of my brand identity. I ended up designing what I thought a freelance designer's website should look like. Again rookie mistake. I hadn't sat down and defined the core messaging and strategy of my business, which is what should influence visual identity. This is what I advocate to clients, so why wasn't I following my own direction?

Que: strategy! Last month I decided to deep dive into my goals, dreams and desires for the growth and expansion of my baby design studio. I narrowed in on my core values, ideal audiences, tone of voice, messaging and marketing plan. Once I defined my ethos and messaging, I began the design process, which seemed to flow easily since I had a solid strategy and vision in place. I felt excited and energized, which I took as a sign I'm headed in the right direction with my new brand identity!

I'm really excited about this next chapter, starting with the change of my brand name. Hannah Design Studio feels right, after all I'm the one behind the keyboard 😉 I look forward to sharing more resources that I hope supports you along your business journey as well as design inspiration with some behind the scenes content.

PSA: Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter & follow me on Instagram! I'm also offering referral payments when you recommend someone in your network that books a service with me.

Thanks for being here and I look forward to sharing more soon!

Let's continue to share our ideas, uplift and inspire one another.

With kindness,



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